This website seeks to provide as comprehensive as possible a database of people who have been Shot and Killed by Police in Boston and some surrounding communities.

About Our Data

Our data is collected from a variety of sources including the Boston Police Department, The Suffolk Distirct Attorney’s Office, Local News and Media, Data collection Projects like The Counted, Fatal Encounters, The Washington Post, Killed By Police, Killed by Police (Data) Deadly Force and WGBH and from tips submitted directly. replica watches

What We Include

We collect, when possible:

  • The Date – of the Incident
  • Name – of the Victim
  • Photo – of the victim
  • Demographics – about the victim: Race, Gender, Age, Whether or not they suffered from Mental Illness
  • Location – of the incident
  • Armed – What if anything the victim was armed with and if these allegations are disputed
  • Classification – How the victim died. For this report it currently only includes Gunshots however some may be classified otherwise by other databases.
  • Police Department – The Department or Agencies involved Fake Rolex
  • Description – of the incident
  • Status – The current status of any investigation, disciplinary and criminal or civil proceedings
  • Video – of the incident
  • Links – to any relevant news stories or websites

What We Don Not Include

Our data does not include any:

  • Accidental fatalities that did not involve the use of a firearm by an officer
  • Incidents outside of Boston (with some exceptions) Cheap replica watches
  • Accidental gunshots like the warning gunshots that struck an unarmed Michael Pender in 1973 prompting a change in policy eliminating the practice of firing shots into the air to warn or summon help.

About Us

This began as Blackstonian special report.